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.: People Who Paint Ma Dollies :.
:iconasainemuri: :iconcats10: :iconl0v3-15-n3vr-wr0n9: :iconjatzupi:
GamerGirlLexi and Buff of DoA

.: People Who Clothe Ma Dollies :.
:iconeleanoranne: :iconkuroi-carousel: :icontinaheart: :icontoshiro-sthlm:
A88_Angel of Flickr
DollHeart and Various Etsy shops

.: People who put up with me (Homies) :.
:iconeleanoranne: :iconrensuchan: :icontinaheart: :iconbrittmiscast:

.: A Small Sample of other REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE

:iconsarqq: :iconsherimi: :iconpikkochan: :iconchinchouprincess: :iconawesome-socks15: :iconsister-of-charity: :iconloolooz: :iconpindakees: :iconu-m-u:
(this list should be a lot longer... it will grow...)

.: Various Significant Dolls
(inspiration, favorites, reasons I got into the hobby or got certain dolls) :.

Take Me Home by dollstars Hello Kito I by gardenofmoons Puff pants retro girl by wht0816
golden by Hannahsemptyspaces 3.31 by yukilovecomic Laius Adrian by Loolooz
10 Things about Bao by toshiro-sthlm :: Family :: by jackieHOLIC Mud by Vissepopje
(this list should be a lot longer... it will grow...)

Spaghettios Stamp by KnibitzSpaghettios Stamp by KnibitzSpaghettios Stamp by Knibitz
Nikon D7000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon love by Pyratn My opinion by black-cat16-stamps

Camera etc
Camera:Nikon D7000 and Nikon D40
Lenses (Nikkor):
18-55mm AF-S (Kit)
55-200mm AF-S (zoom)
50mm f/1.8 AF-S (Portrait)
60mm f/2.8 AF (Macro)

Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

~Fan Girl!~
I love Laius by HannonSanDark
You raised $1,113.00!
100% of all donations have gone towards Olive's medical bills!

~~~~~~~ RAFFLE INFO~~~~~~~

NOTICE: To make sure I didn't leave anyone out on accident, I included everyone, even those who may have told me not to. So please, if I do contact you and you did not want to participate - just shoot me back a message that says so. If that is the case, I will remove all your tickets from the raffle.  

How it will work:
I will make a numbered list of all of raffle tickets by time of donation (so if the first donation was worth 4 tickets, that person will have tickets 1, 2, 3, and 4 - etc, second person to got one ticket, they would be ticket 5 etc)

I will use to generate a random number (out of the number of tickets) and email that person (or contact them wherever I can if I know them elsewhere), they will have 24h to respond with the item they like.
If they don't respond, that ticket will be removed and I will draw again. If that same person has multiple tickets and is drawn again, they will have another 24 or the new person will, whichever.
(ie: if you happen to get one of your tickets drawn when you donated to have several and you miss my message, you will not forfeit all your other tickets)

YOU CAN ONLY WIN ONE THING (or one group of things)

AS A RESULT, this may take several days! so please please please be patient!  I don't plan to post anything regarding who has claimed what until the raffle is complete.

Once you have communicated with me your selected raffle prize, I will hand your contact information over to the appropriate prize donator and they will handle it from there.

Winners will not be publicly announced till it's over :)
NOTE: if you donated anonymously, you will be posted as an anonymous winner as well!

Raffle Items:

DikaDoll Finn 1/3 SD Sized Head 
Donator: Ariemea 
Finn floating head sale pic 1 by Ariemea Finn floating head sale pic3 by Ariemea Finn floating head sale pic2 by Ariemea Finn floating head sale pic4 by Ariemea 

SD or MSD Kimono handmade by Tenryuu!
Donator: Tenryuu 
Tenryu is donating a beautiful self-sewn kimono in SD or MSD size for a boy in either a patterned fabric they have on hand or in a unicolored fabric (doesn't matter if they currently have it or not) with an obi.
Here is a past kimono commission from their dA gallery: BJD kimono comission by Tenryuu

Outfit with Rainbow Shorts!
Donator: EleanorAnne 

Sailor Moon and Olive 8X10 Print
Donator: Beka-Lyse 
Print: Sailor Moon Cuddles by Beka-Lyse

Kitty Quilt!
Donator: Myself
Info: To be made (colors: pink/lime/flowered) will be created within 30 days and mailed to the winner free of charge.


Sep 17, 2014
5:26 pm
Sep 17, 2014
8:56 am
Sep 17, 2014
2:13 am
Sep 16, 2014
9:46 am
Sep 16, 2014
7:17 am



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Dar-k-ling Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the watch <3
I hope your little cat is doing well :)
Knibitz Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
you're welcome ^_^
Olive is dong pretty well :) She's laying in my lap right now as I type this.
She still isn't too interested n solid food, but she did have a few bites this morning, and she's been eating wet food with no problem, so I think it's just going to be a process of weening her back onto it :)
Dollxy Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the watch, I'll support you all the way and I'll help the best as I can with your cat. <3
stay positive we are with you!
Knibitz Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
*snugs* thank you ;w;
Olive has been doing pretty well. She's taking a nap in my lap right now :P
Still not too interested in dry food (eats wet food fine, though), but I tried offering her just dry food and no wet food this morning and she took a few bites of the dry food.
Probably going to be mixing it together for a few more days, but at least she had a few bites!
Dollxy Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Photographer
Hope she can eat normally soon I am so happy she's doing okay <3
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