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Questions for the tagged!

  1. What kind of computer set up to you have (laptop, desktop, customized, PC, Mac, etc)?   I have a massive laptop :3  but I have a little blue mouse that I use for gaming
  2. Who is your favorite Poke'mon? GROWLITHE ;w;
  3. Where is your favorite place where you can be the most creative? on walks with music in. Doesn't matter where, really. Just as long as I'm walking and blocking out the world.
  4. A language you've always wanted to learn? Ask me this a few weeks ago and I would have said Spanish, but right now I've refocused my efforts on French
  5. You inherit a ton of money and you have to donate some of it to a nonprofit charity of your choice. Which do you choose? Various charities involved in restoring and taking care of the the city of Detroit
  6. Tell me about your favorite handbag or backpack. My Swiss Pegasus backpack I had since college. It was my dream backpack going into college and I have LOOOOOVE that thing. It's starting to fall apart a bit, but it still works :D
  7. What is your dream camera? Would be nice to have a leica for shits and giggles - and that's the exact reason I don't have one XD because that's all I want it for.
  8. You're playing Super Smash Brothers - who do you kick the most butt with? hmmm.... Kirby or Pikachu
  9. You're going on vacation - which dolls and dA friends are you bringing and where are you going? I would bring Jasmine, Joon, and Nilla and I'd take EleanorAnne and we'd go to see frappzilla 
  10. Tell me about which cellphone you have - do you have any cool wallpapers, skins, or cases? Samsung Galaxy S3... background is a space graphic that's really cool. Case is something I got from the store that's hideous and barely functional, but I needed it in a pinch so it's what I got.


Jul 23, 2014
4:12 am
Jul 22, 2014
9:07 am
Jul 21, 2014
7:17 pm
Jul 20, 2014
3:55 pm
Jul 19, 2014
2:44 pm



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Awesome-Socks15 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch c:
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Thank you for joining :iconshounenbjd:
Lelahel-Clothes Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
thank you for the watch ^^ 
Loolooz Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
WHERE IS ALAW!!!!!!!! Its Sunday already - again!!!!! :D
btw Happy Easter!!! :EasterLABunny: 
Knibitz Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
SHHHHHHHHHHH!! XD I've been traveling for work all week! I'll try and get a picture today ;33333;/

>3< and Happy Easter to you too!! <3
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